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  1. Your tale is quite moving! Having lived in Africa briefly as a young woman (West Africa), I can picture the kids and all. Thanks for writing. I love how the internet brings dog lovers together from everywhere.

  2. Our wirehair terrier, Flash (gone in a flash) is now 11yrs old and going strong. Because I have problems with my feet I cannot walk him, but we have a cross Wiemaraner Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy now 5 months old and weighing 23kg, who is keeping him busy. He does love to swim and often takes a dip in the pool, swimming round and round trying to get the pool cleaner, which he hates with a passion. He will also chase a ball endlessly. During his 11 years, we have lived in Botswana and Henties Bay in Namibia so from small he ran around freely on the pans near our home in Orapa or on the beach in Namibia. Unfortunately he will sneak out if the gate is left open for a minute, and just does not come home. In Orapa he was as rare as an alligator in the desert, so every child in the town knew that bringing Flash home meant a P50 ($7.50) reward so he was never “lost’ for more that a day
    or two. Unfortunately Namibia was not so obliging and I had to pay a ransom to get him back, severly dehydrated and bitten by other dogs, almost dead. He is absolutely fearless, (firmly believes he is a Rottweiler ), and if he were a cat, he would have used up his 9 lives long ago! Our Vet just shakes his head and says the way Flash is going, he still has a lot of good years left.

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