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Teaching Our Dogs to Use a New Dog Door — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve used Bitter Apple in the past. If I needed something now, I would be sure to read the label before buying it! Just to be sure of any chemicals in there.

  2. Rosana,
    Ask your Vet or your Pet Store for anti-chew deterrants. There is stuff out there to help chew happy pets. Some dogs just chew!

  3. You have a point, Debra, but not long after we installed this door, we were out for several hours. Both dogs had free access to the yard and to our sunroom. So the destructive chewing due to being locked inside would not have happened.

    However, the foam remains of a cushion from the sunroom were strewn all over the yard.

  4. Rosana,your comment doesn’t make sense to me. His dog was destructive because it was locked inside all day. Once the dog could get outside and not be bored it no longer chewed things up for attention.

  5. Jason, your comment doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If a dog is destructive and has free access to the house when you are gone, what might your sofa look like when you returned?

  6. I just installed a pet door and my german shepard’s behavior has improved drastically. If your pet is destructive when you are not home, I strongly suggest installing a pet door. I bought a Freedom Pet Pass and It seals draft free.

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