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Is Your Dog Bored? — 6 Comments

  1. my amstaff loves his kong. i crush some doggy biscuits up and mix with peanut butter, stuff in the kong and then freeze over night. keeps him busy for hours as it slowly defrosts.

  2. Thanks, Janette! Your story is a good reminder that different things will work for each dog.

  3. Dear Rosana,

    I have bought Kongs but find that my Lurcher (not the brightest dog in the world) gets bored with them as she cannot get the food treats out without my help – not really the point. She does like big marrow bones and I find that if, after use, I stuff them with treats and cheap meat paste from the supermarket, (the sort of stuff we in Britian got fed in sandwiches as kids)this works very well.

  4. Ada, thanks for mentioning cheap stuffed toys. On this one, I would have to say that it depends on the dog. The Australian Shepherd we had in our llama-ranching days would play with his thrift store stuffed animals for weeks or months. But the Basenji we had would destroy any stuffed animal in under an hour, and make a huge mess. Luckily, she never *ate* the body parts, but I didn’t let her have one unless I was home.

  5. Food ball, rolls it around….cheap stuffed toys to destroy, destuff, get the squeaker, spit it out, toy is dead, all done.

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