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Save Time and Trouble, Don’t Wash Your Dog Much! — 8 Comments

  1. I have stopped bathing my terrier (mix breed but think jack russell hair type). I am surprised that he is really doing well without the bath. I don’t smell any odor (nor does anyone else) nor see a huge build up of dirt on him. When he does get into dirt, it seems to rub off of him by the next day (may be the natural oils?). I am really so happy that I don’t have to bath him anymore.

  2. Julie, thanks so much for your unique perspective. Once again, it figures that diet would be pertinent, but I hadn’t thought of it!

  3. I am a professional groomer, and I can say from experience, every dog is different. If your dog is on a healthy diet (no corn, wheat, artificial colors or flavors, or by-products), they will be far less likely to have allergies and will have better skin and coat health. They will also be less stinky and will not get as many parasites.

    If you do wash your dog, first of all, do not use human shampoo – it is too harsh and the wrong pH. Buy a shampoo made especially for dogs ( I suggest all-natural). Unless you desire a harsh coat (such as with hand-stripped terriers), I recommend a good conditioner. It hydrates both the skin and coat if you let it soak for 3+ minutes. Be sure to rinse extra well to prevent residue and itching.

  4. Cely, your comments are a perfect example of how different things work for different people! I try to make that point in training too.

  5. I think it depends on what breed is the dog. I have Maltese which is a toy dog with white coat. I could not imagine how she will look if I give her a bath once a year. If she does not get a bath for 1-1/2 weeks and I take her for a walk her four paws look grey because of the dirt on the road. Her breast also looks grey because she sniffs sometimes while walking. Some responsible Maltese breeders that I know recommend to give the dog a bath once a week. I use a special shampoo just for Maltese. Maltese dogs are lap dogs which love to be at the lap of their owners. I could not imagine how one could stand a lap dog by giving the dog a bath once a year.

  6. Dog Chic, I don’t know, but maybe a smell like a dog is just a natural thing and not a problem for some people where it bothers you. You could experiment with going a bit longer.

  7. I have a 2 year old papillon that I bathe about every 3 weeks. I had no idea about these oils on the dogs coat. All I know is that in about 3 weeks he starts to smell, well, like a dog. How do you tell if these natrual oils are still present?

  8. I’ve never bathed my 2-yr-old dog. Now, I admit, she regularly takes dips in some stream or another, and that fresh water only enhances her beauty (not prejudiced). Anyway, I’ve had plenty of compliments on how soft her fur is. And she always smells lovely.

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