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Dog Training Tips: When You Are Upset or Angry — 3 Comments

  1. Now that you have a dog, you know that there are many different problem behaviors that a dog may present; one of the most irritating is a dog barking problem

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    is to training a dog to correct problem barking behavior . One of these is to not react when there is a barking issue, such as the dog barking at the phone ringing or the doorbell. If the phone rings or the doorbell rings, the owner should sit there and not react to it, thus showing the dog that there is not anything to be stressed out about or alert to when those sounds occur. It is helpful to ring the doorbell or the phone regularly when training the dog to get used to the noise so that he can see that there is not a reaction needed when those sounds are heard.

  2. Yes definately no training when you are upset or angry or just not feeling well. Dogs are very sensitive and it will just be very negative for your dog and your progress with his training. If you feel upset or angry, stop your training on a positive note with an exercise your dog knows well, and start again later when you feel better.

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