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Dog Communicates with Human by Sitting — 1 Comment

  1. I know my dog is training me all the time – we have a mutual one called “asking nicely”. It started as an alternative to her yapping at me from the bottom of the stairs: I taught her that if she came and sat beside me and waited, I would do whatever she wanted (within reason!). Now I will get that prickly feeling, and look down from my computer to find her staring hard, and up and out to play we go!

    The best example I ever knew was a cat of mine, who was a great visitor of neighbours. I called on one to find her taking a dish of milk (which he was not allowed at home) out of the microwave. She looked very slightly shame faced, and said “He does so much prefer it slightly warmed!”. That cat had, in the space of a few visits, ensured not only that she poured out milk as soon as he arrived, but that it was warmed to exactly the right temperature in the microwave- all this by someone who claimed she didn’t really even LIKE cats very much!

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