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Old LarryDog’s Last Day — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Heather — Thanks for telling me that I’ve been helpful. Blogging is a solitary activity and it’s nice to know I’m having an effect! Sometimes I wonder…

    LarryDog is an example of a dog who got sweeter as he aged… for one example, as he gradually became harder of hearing over the years, he also became less of an obsessive barker because he heard less. Yes, we miss him, but it’s been such a gradual process of his becoming less and less present in this world, that it’s as much relief now as it is grief. The grief has happened a lot over the past year. Gotta say what I’m mostly feeling now is a peaceful gratitude.

  2. Rosana,

    I have been receiving your emails for a while now and I have used them as a reference point for the 3 years since I got my first dog, I thank you for that.

    With all the help and insight you’ve provided me, I needed to reach out to you. I feel like I’ve met LarryDog. You’ve spoken of him with such personality it’s almost like I have known him. I am very sorry for your loss. He was such a sweet soul and a huge part of your family. I know he will be very missed. I hope his memories will prove a comfort for you.

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