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Gentle Leader Transforms Garbage-Eating Rottweiler into Ideal Walking Companion — 5 Comments

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  2. Thanks, Nancy. It sound great. Considering how many dogs drag their owners around, it should be well known!

  3. We also used the Gentle Leader headcollar with our large lab. It worked well in nearly all circumstances, but let another large, friendly dog approach and we were unable to restrain our dog by voice command or the Gentle Leader. (We’re in that category called “the elderly” and this lab is very much stronger than we.) Our vet happened to observe this (harmless) incident, which could instantly be a real problem–the dog either pulling us down or causing us to fall, or in meeting an aggressive animal, unable to keep him away from an attack. Our vet said, “Get a Gentle Harness–it will solve that problem immediately–no training required–seriously!” Really? “No training” left us dubious, but our vet was right! Problem solved immediately! It is unlike all other harnesses and VERY SIMPLE to use. Now we have two dogs, and each one loves the Gentle Harness–no choking, no pulling, no commands–ENJOY YOUR WALKS!

    It comes in colors–blue, red, or black (maybe more) combined with one segment that is gray. The two-color scheme simplifies putting it together–buckle colored segments together, buckle gray segments together. Thereafter, buckle and unbuckle only the gray segments, which fit under the dog’s chest behind the front legs (neither the animal nor you need to go through any contortions getting in or out of this harness). And NO ONE has stopped to comment that “it’s mean to use that thing”, as they did when using the Gentle Leader headcollar. When the colored straps are buckled together they form a loop you just move over the dog’s head to drape over the shoulders and across the front of the chest, where you attach the leash to the martingale section. Our dogs like it so much they walk into the loop when we hold it and then stand perfectly still while we buckle the gray segment. It has given us the most enjoyable walks we’ve ever had with our dogs!

  4. Bonnie, thanks for your comments.

    While you and I are on somewhat different places on the opinion-spectrum regarding the utility of head collars, I do agree with you that dog training can take much time and effort.

    We do live in a ‘quick fix’ era, and the way I see it, part of that is inevitably going to continue and maybe even get worse. Worldwide, people seem to be rushed and stressed, and the economic, political, and environmental challenges are showing no signs of letting up. These take their toll on quality of life.

    In this website, I try to find the most effective methods that can help people who do not feel they have the time to train extensively. Of course often, not having the time is really a matter of not having the confidence and I try to address that too. AND I love reviewing new books and pointing out other resources for anyone who cares to dig deeper.

    (Hmm, wonder if that metaphor has anything to do with the new hole in our back yard, the first time Lola and Larry have dug deeper together.)

  5. Hi Rosana,

    I think that unless someone is infirm and can’t do the training with a dog, that the head collars like the Gentle Leader are a quick fix that aren’t particularly good for dogs. I have had clients that put them on 4 month old puppies who just need exercise and whose owners need to make themselves more exciting, rather than putting on a restrictive collar of any sort. I see many dogs who look depressed in the head halter type collars and their owners don’t realize that they are “training” collars – not something that should be worn forever. I had a Norwegian Elkhound who pulled like hell but I used the stop/start method and worked with her on a long-line and finally she learned to walk on a slack leash. Yes, it took much effort and time, but that’s what dog training is about. The masses out here want quick fixes for everything and people don’t want to take the time to really do any training.


    Bonnie Brown
    Dog Trainer
    Bonnie’s Here! Dog Training

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