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  1. My son has a Pyrenees/ husky puppy that is 16 weeks old along with a 8 year old dog. Both r fine together. The puppy poops outside but then comes in later and poops. I was there and I could not understand why. By 10 pm both went out again. By 2 am there are 3 piles on floor with pee. So frustrating. If crated he pees and poops in there

  2. I think you are right that if she were loose she might be in bed with you. What we did one time when we had a situation a bit like this was that we had her crate right next to my side of the bed, where I could groggily reach in and pet her when she fussed but had been outside recently enough that I didn’t think she needed another trip out yet. Maybe something like that would work for you. It did make it awkward if I had to pee in the night! But it didn’t last more than a week or two.

    A favorite toy in the crate might help too.

    She is trying to train you! This is about where she wants to be, due to the previous setup, as well as about when she needs to go potty. Be patient and best wishes!


  3. Hi, we just adopted a four month old puppy and don’t know much about her background. We’re trying to avoid having her in our bed with us so we put a small crate in our bedroom but she cries on and off all night, the previous owner did say she slept in the bed with them,…do you have any advice about how to make her feel less stressed in the crate? So far she seems to do ok in the crate in the kitchen for a few hours at a time but,since she’s not fully potty trained yet we can’t let her stay out at night yet. Plus Isuspect if she were out at night she would just keep jumping on the bed. Any ideas?

  4. Hi Claire — The first thing I would do would be take her to your veterinarian and discuss the situation fully. If nothing came from that, or before you have a chance to do that, I would set an alarm for about halfway into the night and take her out then. If she had already peed or pooped at that point, Iwould set the alarm for even earlier. Not the greatest for your sleep but she’s got a habit going now and you’ll need to somehow change it. Best wishes!

  5. Hi there
    We have always crate trained our dogs, my other two dogs were a dream. My newest dog however is a complete nightmare. She is perfectly house trained when I’m at home however at nearly 12 months old she is still unable to go through the night without fouling in the crate – we even hang around outside before going to bed to make sure she relieves herself but this appears to make no difference. Really at our wits end ?.

  6. Judie, If he has developed this habit in your house since about a year and a half ago, then it’s going to be strongly ingrained. I would suggest that you have a thorough veterinary exam in case there is a physical reason that could be addressed. (By the way, it would be a crate inside an x-pen, not the other way around.) I would also go to google and search for chihuahua forums and dog forums. If you go to general dog forums, look for ones with chihuahua sections. Find an active forum where people are posting, and ask your question… you could just cut and paste it from what you asked here. Chihuahua owners will have breed-specific opinions. Beyond that, you could consider taking him to a dog day care place in Las Vegas when you are at work. Finally, if your quality of life and his are too compromised, consider limiting the parts of your house he is ever allowed in. The last resort would be to give him away, but I believe you can make it work one way or another. Best wishes!

  7. I rescued an older male chihuahua, neutered already, about a year and a half ago. He quickly blended in with my other two dogs and the car. He’s really sweet and we love him, but he marks throughout the house – never in just one or two spots. Belly bands haven’t worked. Cleaning w/enzyme sprays hasn’t worked. Now I’ve gone back to work full time and I need for this to stop. He never poops or full pees inside, just marks. I’m thinking of getting him a very large crate and adding pee-pee pads, or your idea of crate with ex-pen inside. We live in Las Vegas so having him outdoors all day isn’t an option. Any other suggestions ?

  8. i have no crate,but the dog doesn’t go in the house at all during the day,only sometime in the night when i am sleeping and then only in the kitchen. i can’t understand why? the dog was given to me and i don’t know the age,except he is full grown.what are any alternatives?

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