Please don’t tell me about your SEO services. I won’t use them, guaranteed! Also, please don’t ask about writing a guest post. I stopped that years ago.

I do not answer individual dog training questions. I do sometimes answer general ones by writing articles, but not personally and not necessarily quickly.

You can reach me at the email rosana at the name of this website. I had a contact form but I was getting so many emails that were for SEO services and guest posts that I removed it.

Sometimes I travel and get way behind on my emails, but if you have not heard back from me within about a week, do feel free to write again. Some unknown number of emails don’t ever reach their destinations, alas.

So what to do if you need dog training help?

Dog training questions can be a challenge, and we all need help sometimes. I suggest:

  • Use the search box at the top right of this page or go to Google or any other search engine you like. Think of a phrase that best describes your question, type it in the box and then put quotation marks around it. That will get you more exact results. If the phrase you have used doesn’t work, try another one.
  • Look for dog training forums using the above method and then ask your question there. Hint: look for ones that are active and have recent posts.


This is a Hartworks LLC website. Mailing address: 1106 North Swan Street, Silver City, NM 88061.

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  1. Dear Rosana,
    Thanks for all your great info and training tips. I enjoy getting your articles and have shared them as well as your site with friends. I wondered if you had read Temple Grandin’s latest book, Animals Make Us Human. She describes a great deal of recent research on both dogs and wolves and she combines this with some of the latest knowledge about core emotions. She examines the research on many different animals and I appreciate that, too. I really love her books; they help me to understand my dogs as well as myself. I hadn’t heard her mentioned on anyone’s blog so I thought I’d mention her book to you. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else is reading her stuff. Thanks again for all your efforts to help educate us in responsible dog handling and training.
    Joni Schroering