Fun Dog Mugs from Zazzle

Zazzle is a great online site for finding individually designed mugs and other drinkware, t-shirts, and much more. The people who design the mugs have a lot of creativity! Many of them make the mugs suitable for both right-handed and left-handed … Continue reading →

T-Shirts with Dog Faces on Them

Would you like to wear an eye-catching t-shirt that celebrates a particular breed of dog? These are made by a company called The Mountain, and they are very ecological in their practices. The shirts are very sturdy and quite long. I … Continue reading →

The Flexi City Lead

We have used Flexi retractable leashes for many years. You just get used to a favorite brand of something, and that’s how it goes. Once we bought a clone but it just didn’t feel right in my hand, and I … Continue reading →

Anti Icky Poo

If you haven’t heard of this stuff before, you may wonder what kind of baby talk I am babbling today! Anti Icky Poo is said to be one of the most effective ways to deal with smells from dog urine, … Continue reading →

Dog Steps Solve Problems

We train our dogs so that we and they can enjoy life together. Sometimes we manage situations with them, and that’s where dog steps can be very useful. Here are some handy  that can be used to help your dog … Continue reading →

A Dog Powered Scooter-Trike

I got an email a while back from Mark Schuette of telling me about his work in creating a dog powered trike. He describes it as a safe way to road work your dog or dogs. Says it has … Continue reading →

About the Gentle Leader

Recently I wrote about our good experiences with our Rottweiler Lola and a Gentle Leader headcollar. Here is some more information about this useful training tool. The Gentle Leader was developed back in the 1980s or so by Dr. R.K. … Continue reading →

Clickers for Dog Training: Take Your Pick

I really like clicker training my dogs because the communication is so clear and so enthusiastic. The moment of the click tells the dog, “YES! That’s what I wanted you to do! You got it!” all in a fraction of a second. I’ve been using clickers for dog training for years now, and always keep a bunch around the house. I thought it would make an interesting article to see what kinds of clickers are available currently. CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE…

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