Training Deaf Dogs

When I came across , by Barry Eaton, in a local library, I couldn’t resist reading it, even though I have never had a deaf dog and don’t know any. The only thing I knew about training deaf dogs was … Continue reading →

More Deaf Dog Training Tips

Recently I posted an article written by Kate Stolle of Columbia, Missouri, giving tips on training deaf dogs, based on her own experiences with a deaf dog, Lilly. Here are more tips from Kate again. Kate says: Kennel: we don’t … Continue reading →

Deaf Dog Training Tips

I did some articles a while ago about deaf dogs, and now I have some deaf dog training tips, this time from Kate Stolle, of Columbia, Missouri. She writes: As for training tips: I highly recommend using a harness when … Continue reading →

Training a Deaf Dog

This charming pup, Otis, is deaf. I had some interesting correspondance with Becky of Boardman, Ohio, Otis’ human mom. She wrote asking if I knew anything about training deaf dogs. I didn’t but I had noticed that my webpage on … Continue reading →