Two Top Dog Training Forums

Update: A Third Forum is at Reddit The blog post below was written a few years ago and revised recently I just found an active forum that emphasizes the least intrusive or aversive methods. It’s at Reddit: Looks like … Continue reading →

A Child Writes a Dog Book

When I was a child, my best friend Jeanette and I wrote dog stories together. Not long ago, she emailed me that her seven-year-old granddaughter Julia Francis had written a book about dogs. Life continues! And by special arrangement, here … Continue reading →

Grain-Free Dog Food

The other day I was chatting with a woman who has several dogs who have digestive challenges. She mostly feeds a brand called Taste of the Wild. It’s one of a number of brands that are grain-free. They cost more, … Continue reading →

Dog Names

Here’s an infographic on dog names that was offered to me and I thought it was fun. Let’s see, our dogs have been Martha, Cider, Teddy Bear, Dori, Sunbeam, LarryDog, and Lola. What names would my dogs have chosen for … Continue reading →

Financial Help for Pets

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a great list of financial help for people with dogs. I’ve written about this before, and if you don’t need to know what is available, maybe you know someone for … Continue reading →

Retired Racing Greyhounds?

I recently came across an excellent webpage about adopting retired racing greyhounds. We are not contemplating another dog till our aged LarryDog crosses the Rainbow Bridge and he is still going for half-hour walks almost every morning, eating his food … Continue reading →

Choosing Dog Names

Choosing dog names is a lot of fun, and something to play around with. After all, we call them out many times a day! I would never use “Killer” or “Stupid” things of that sort, because I don’t want to … Continue reading →

Choosing a Dog

Why does a website on dog training have a section on choosing a dog? Because your choice of dog will affect your dog training processes for years to come, not to mention your general happiness. (And the dog’s!) It’s well worth your … Continue reading →

Play Fetch with your Dog

(If you have a Border Collie or other ball-obsessed dog, you may be laughing at this title. You can skip this section but I do have something for you in the section just below here.) Playing fetch with your dog … Continue reading →

Training Deaf Dogs

When I came across , by Barry Eaton, in a local library, I couldn’t resist reading it, even though I have never had a deaf dog and don’t know any. The only thing I knew about training deaf dogs was … Continue reading →

Dogs and Your Children

In the minds of many kids, dogs are warm furry cuddly companions who love to be hugged and squeezed. However, the dogs don’t see it this way. Hugs and squeezes? Not so much. Different dogs have different temperaments, and from an early age … Continue reading →

Really, What is Dominance?

You may hear a lot about dogs’ dominance these days, depending on what television shows you favor. I’ve been working up to doing an article on dominance and how badly the concept is misused generally. Luckily, two top websites beat … Continue reading →

Dogs and Halloween

Every year on holidays when humans get rowdy and may use fireworks, many dogs have a hard time with the noises. More than a few get scared and run away in a panic.  When Halloween is coming up, do consider whether your … Continue reading →

Observe Your Dog’s Face

Do you observe your dog’s face? “Of course,” you may be thinking. “I look at it dozens of times a day.” That’s what I would have said until recently, when I read Patricia McConnell’s excellent book, . That link takes … Continue reading →