Dog Clicker Training

Dog clicker training… is so much fun for both dogs and people that the training part just slips in! Dog clicker training… gets the dog to figure out what you want, making it an enjoyable game. This wonderful, cruelty-free method … Continue reading →

Working Clicker Training Sessions Into Your Daily Life

Because clicker sessions can be five minutes or even less, you can work them into your daily life.

I’m not saying that they have to be that brief, but they can be. So this means you can find ways to work them into your schedule. (Even if the only predictable thing in your life is the unpredictable, you can still… CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE.

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Clicker Training is Like Making a Deal with Your Dog

Karen Pryor’s Comment about Clicking

“Clicking is like making a bargain,” she has said. It’s a language that crosses the barriers between species. Clicker training is based on well-researched principles of how animals learn, and it puts the focus on what the dog is doing… CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE.

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