This Golden Age of Positive Dog Training

When you think about dog training, we are fortunate to be living in this time. Even before the internet brought us together in a variety of new ways, veterinarian Dr. Ian Dunbar, dolphin trainer Karen Pryor, and others were doing things that would have massive effects on how people think about dog training. Now, positive dog training is turning up everywhere.

Dr. Dunbar has gone on to create an outstanding line of books and DVDs, including one of my all-time favorite DVDs, Sirius Puppy Training. He founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, which describes itself as…. CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE…

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Dog Crates

How do you choose dog crates? There are three common types, and each is best for different things: wire dog crates airline-safe crates soft (fabric) crates and carriers. On this page, I’ll describe and illustrate each type and their uses. … Continue reading →

Dog Clicker Training

Dog clicker training… is so much fun for both dogs and people that the training part just slips in! Dog clicker training… gets the dog to figure out what you want, making it an enjoyable game. This wonderful, cruelty-free method … Continue reading →

Dog Tricks

Do you play with your dog? How many dog tricks can your dog do? Dogs are such playful animals by nature! We humans (adults anyway)  can get too serious and need a reminder from our dogs of how much fun … Continue reading →