Plenty in Life Is Free

Plenty in Life is Free:Reflections of Dogs, Training and Finding Grace, by Kathy Sdao came out in 2012, published by Dogwise Publishing. What I want to do here is more reflect on some of the pages I dog-eared as I … Continue reading →

Greater Trust

Bones Would Rain From the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier, is not exactly a dog training book, but it’s one I like to re-read, in whole or in part, every now and then. Clothier is a dog trainer, and I enjoy … Continue reading →

What Kind of Dog?

In Bones Would Rain from the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier, there is a place where she comments on what people want in a dog: They want a dog who would happily stay home alone for eight to ten or more hours … Continue reading →

The Other End of the Leash

, by Patricia McConnell, is a fascinating and warm-hearted book about dog training by a woman with impeccable credentials. She’s one of my favorite writers. No wonder that this book ranks so highly…It’s not another training manual, although it does … Continue reading →

For the Love of a Dog

by Patricia McConnell, is the best dog book I have read in a long time. McConnell writes with emotion herself, and some of my favorite parts of the book were stories of her dogs and her small sheep ranch. She … Continue reading →