One Dog or Two?

We got down to one dog. Our  old dog died, and as LarryDog was 16 and a half, it was quite easy to let him go gently away. Our 6-year-old Rottweiler Lola had several play dates after that. My blog post … Continue reading →

When A Dog Gets Out

From the blog a while back — It was almost dark when I stepped out into our fenced back yard to call our Rottweiler Lola for dinner. LarryDog was already chowing down in the kitchen. Usually if Lola is outside at … Continue reading →

Dog and Cat Travel

From a 2010 blog post —  We are going to be making a long trip with our dogs and cats. My husband and I have been living in Mexico for five years, near Lake Chapala. It’s been really nice in many … Continue reading →

Away From Our Dogs

When we lived in Mexico a few years ago, I wrote this blog post: My husband and I came home last month from a ten-week trip without our dogs. We flew, and our two dogs would not fit under any … Continue reading →

Dogs in Mexico

For five years, my husband and I lived in Mexico. Here’s a blog post I wrote at the time: We consider our life here an experiment and don’t know yet if we will return permanently to the small town in Colorado … Continue reading →