I’ve been writing about dogs since I was 8 years old, when my best friend and I wrote a series of stories about Bounce, a Cocker Spaniel. It’s probably just as well that they have not survived. But my love of dogs and of writing have continued unabated. Add to that a love of information: I have a Master’s of Library Science degree and have worked as a professional librarian in three states. I love evaluating and sharing information.

All of this combined in May of 2003 when the first pages of training-dogs.com went up. I’ve worked on it off and on ever since.

LarryDog and I are on the logo above, after a little transforming in Photoshop Elements. He was part Blue Heeler, part Chow, and who knows what else. He was 10 years old when the photo was taken and he lived to be 16 and a half. Our Lola was born in December 2006, and she’s a Rottweiler. Before we got her, I had no idea how mellow a good Rottie can be! We also now have Nicky, another rescue, part Sheltie and part Papillion.

I use clicker training and other positive techniques with these dogs, and also did with our Basenji Sunbeam. But we did have several dogs before that who got the “traditional” approaches.

I am not a professional dog trainer but I have trained my own dogs for decades and have helped a number of other people with their dog training.

— Rosana (Zana) Hart

What Others Say About Training-Dogs.Com

Training-dogs.com is a site I recommend for anyone with a dog who needs some training. Rosana has turned her talent and passion towards providing a clear guide for today’s dog owner.

— Aidan Bindoff, dog writer

We’ve found your web site to be useful for us and our new puppy.

— Jody Underwood, Yardley, PA

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