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Crate Training: A Lifelong Convenience — 2 Comments

  1. Rosalyn, you are on the right track. Five weeks is very young and chances are that her body isn’t mature enough to hold things very long.

    Sounds to me like she is showing a natural tendency of all dogs, NOT to soil their nests. When she must she will use that other side of the crate, but as soon as she is out of the crate, she is going to try to go somewhere else.

    SO I suggest that you also set up a second place with pads somewhere else in your house or apartment. Bathroom, laundry room, or some such. At first, put a pad there that she has used — even a little bit used is fine — so she will recognize the smell. If you can pick her up from the crate, carry her right there at first.

    Also be sure you are using Nature’s Miracle or any other brand of enzyme cleaner to get the smells out of the carpet.

    When you get frustrated, be sure not to show it to her. Lots of encouraging sweet talk is good. You and she will hopefully have many years together and now at the beginning, as you teach her what you want, you are forming a bond. Enjoy!

    Also, don’t keep her in the crate more than you really have to.

  2. I just bought a 5 week old puppy and i’m trying so hard to potty train her. i have a crate with one side as her sleeping place and the other as her pooping place. i have a divider with a hole in the center so the puppy is able to jump through to the other side to poop or urinate on the training pads. So far she has been pooping and urinating on the right side, but as soon as i take her out the crate she tries to urinate on the carpet, so i say no and place her on the training pads, but she jumps right off and tries to urinate again on the carpet. She does pretty well pooping on the pads. Im just so frustrated with her urinating all over the carpet. Rosalyn

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