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Long Road Trip from Mexico with our Dogs and Cats — 2 Comments

  1. I think motorhomes are a great answer to lost jobs and less money. We have full timed in the past with 2 dogs. Be sure that your pooch has a current ID tag, and be very cautious about where — if anywhere — you let the dog offleash, since as you travel, the dog won't know the region.

    Have a great time! Dogs are good for meeting people as you travel.

  2. A truly wonderful story. I'm very envious. I've always wanted to travel the Southwest in a motor home. I live in Tempe, Arizona (right outside Phoenix), and the I absolutely love the climate and the scenery. I'm a single guy, and recently lost my job. I'm truly considering putting everything I have left into small motor home and traveling. It would just be me and my pooch (a 3-year old Sheltie). Any advice for me?

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