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The StarMark Clicker Dog Training System — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t really understand the value of the clicker. I learned to train my dog using just treats, so maybe I am missing something. Could you elaborate on how these are helpful? I watched the videos and still don’t feel like I understand it. Thanks! I am for anything that makes the dog training process easier/faster and more fun.

  2. I just bought a pair of these, coincidentally.

    So far I like it quite well for the reasons that the manufacturer gives: I love being able to just grab it and know exactly where to press to get the click. I am one of those people who has missed a click by pushing on the wrong end of my box clicker (so I almost always reach for a box clicker with a wrist loop or a key ring or something so I know which end is which easily). I don't think that it's particularly loud. If anything, it's quieter than some of my box clickers.

    I only have one problem with this Starmark clicker. LOL It's the same size and shape of my car's keyfob. I have to be VERY careful what I put in what pocket. I'd hate to use my car alarm to click my dog. LOL

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