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What Breeds of Dogs are Best with Children? — 6 Comments

  1. we have a boxer. i first have to let you know that i listened to the rumors “NOT GOOD WITH KIDS”. well let me tell you, he is great!!!!! he is only 9 months old, he was given to us from a couple who had no children and he had never been around kids. at 7 months we brought him into our home and watched him with the kids. he is so good with them. we have not had any problems. after i took the time to read up on the breed i found they are wonderful with children. i could not be happier. the only down, still trying to potty train. this was not done before we brought him home. it is taking some time- but i believe if training was done when he was younger he would of gotten the knack of it. i have always been a lab breed person., because of my children. i have found that boxers carry the same traits and are just as loving and playful with the kids. ” GREAT WITH CHILDREN”.

  2. Thanks, that doesn't surprise me after discovering how wonderful and mellow our Rottweiler is. We have some good friends who come over for dinner every couple of weeks or so, and their 4 year old and 2year are lovingly welcomed by our Rottie.

  3. we have a 3 year old and a 2 year old Pitbull at our house and he is very very good with her she climbs all over him all day long and sticks bandaids to him and puts hair ties on his ears and jumps on him and he has never ever growled or done anything to her… People forget that Pitbulls raised right are amazing dogs so add them to your list

  4. We got a German Short Hair Pointer we named Topper.before we got children. When the children came, Topper was absolutely perfect. He was happy, very tolerant and let the kids do almost anything to him without complaining. One more breed you can add to the list. Of course, like people, every breed can have nasty dogs, especially if you get them older and they were abused or mistreated by their previous ownes.

  5. All of the Swiss breeds – greater swiss mountain dogs, bernese, etc. are also known for being phenomenal with children, as are Newfoundlands.

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