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7 Reasons NOT to Train Your Dog — 4 Comments

  1. Well, keep sleeping with them but don't let them out of the bedroom. Chances are high (but admittedly not 100%) that they won't use the bedroom for a potty, as dogs don't mess up their “dens” typically!

  2. Thank you for the quick response- We will try this- I hope it won't be too bad considering they have slept in the bed with us since they were puppies. It may take a while for them to get used to this idea, not to mention us getting used to it as well!
    Thanks for the help and all you do for the animals!


  3. I desparately need some help and obviously can't locate it. I have spent HOURS researching and can't find anything to answer our problem. We have 3 rescue dogs (7,5 and 3 years old). They we “fairly” house trained when Hurricane Kartina displaced us. The 2 older dogs were in a boarding kennel for 6 months. Since then we acquired another dog and can't get the 2 older dogs back into the “go outside to potty” mode of thinking. The door is ALWAYS open and they stay outside for hours only to use the living room in the middle of the night as their personal toilet. We have tried everything suggested and have had no luck. It is to the point we are ready to find new homes for them:(. Any suggestions?

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