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  1. Thanks, Robin, wish your guy lived down the street from me!

    Thanks also for your comment about my news letter. I had been feeling a little discouraged and wondering how much effect this website really has for the amount of time I put into it, and as I was taking a nap yesterday and dozing off, I had a image of a bunch of dogs wagging their tails and a scruffy little female of no particular breed whispering to me that she had been abused and I had helped with her recovery!

  2. Just “treating dogs like dogs” takes a lot of time, energy and money.”
    Why would I bother unless I felt that it was a great privilege to have these wonderful creatures (dogs) as my FRIENDS? In my area we have a man who loves dogs and he has a small in- home day care. My dogs love going to his place and he takes them for more walks than I can do. I like this a lot better than leaving them in a kennel.

    I enjoy your news letter very much!

  3. Thanks, Elaine. Like your idea of the day visit to a kennel, hadn’t thought of that one myself!

  4. Not sure what “treating animals like animals” means, but I think I’m on your page, Rosana.

    It’s difficult for me to leave my dogs too. I’m fortunate to have an adult daughter who will stay with them. However, most of the time we take our five dogs with us to our two vacation properties.

    My daughter and I just went to Disneyland for three days and we took two of the dogs with us and stayed in a great dog friendly hotel near the park. My other three dogs stayed at home with my husband.

    If I had to leave them all overnight and my daughter or husband couldn’t sit them, I would hire someone to stay at the house rather than use a visiting sitter who just stops by to feed, potty, and exercise the dogs. I think they get bored and lonely if left long hours alone.

    Last year I had to kennel two of my dogs for three days. I previously visited every kennel in my area in an attempt to find one I liked “just in case” the need came up. I took the dogs for a short day visit to familiarize them with the kennel before leaving them overnight. When we went back for their stay, they remembered the place and were happy to go. They did fine for the three days, but they were very happy to see me.

  5. Well, I asked! Thanks for your comment, Mary, even though I think we might be on rather different pages about this.

  6. Reply to 10days away from dog babies: God made people and God made animals. Sometimes people need to treat animals like animals.(period) That’s how I deal with it.

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