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Teach Your Young Puppy to Sit — 4 Comments

  1. I think that any method can work if it is used with attention and respect. Really pay attention to your dog’s emotions and reactions and learn from that.

    Reminds me of a study I once read that indicated that in psychotherapy, it was more important what the therapist’s personality was than what theories they subscribed to, in terms of beneficial results!

  2. Rosana thanks for your response. I am actually interested in the answer because I do have a website but I also have dogs…lol. So I guess I have a double motive going on. My best friend is a dog trainer and he takes the alpha male approach, so I guess I am asking is it “wrong” for your dog to look at it as I’m the boss so he/she should listen? Can this be done without it neccessarily being fear based?
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  3. Readers, I get a lot of comments that are really just other dog webmasters trying to get a link to their website so it will help them rank better or at least get them a few readers. I am pretty ruthless about not approving these comments, when they are things like “great site, keep it up” or full of unrelated links.

    Since Tom’s website is just a one-pager promoting someone else’s ebook on dog training, I imagine he has the same motive. But at least he asked a reasonable question that is pertinent to the topic, so for that I will answer it!

    In using treats, I am not concerned about a puppy thinking it will *have to* do what I said. I don’t want it thinking that I am the master and it darn well better obey me or else. I want it thinking that is so much fun, that this is a great game. Over time, then, the habit gets established and becomes automatic. This is far more deeply ingrained that a response based on fear.

  4. Hi, I am currently trying to figure out the best method to teach my puppy to sit and I am getting mixed reviews. On one hand I am being told that the best way to go about this is exactly how you said with the treat, on the other hand I was also told that if you use treats the puppy will begin to think it won’t have to do what I said without it. I believe both methods work, but what are your reasons for going the route with the treats?
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