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Teach Your Children How to Behave Around Dogs — 4 Comments

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  2. I agree with the other comments below – there is simply not enough information out about the right relationship between dogs and children. I am a professional trainer in the SF Bay Area and an area of interest that I have had for years concerns the preparation of a dog for the arrival of a baby to the family. This topic is even more dramatically under-addressed and in even greater need for discussion.

    Perhaps the single most important piece of advice in this regard concerns being sure not to set up a competitive or jealous dynamic between the dog and the new baby. In order to avoid doing so it's important, if someone finds out they're pregnant, to think about all the changes that the arrival of the child will mean for their dog and implement those changes long before the baby arrives so that the dog cannot associate the changes with the arrival of the baby.

    Crashing out the door, jumping up on us, leash pulling, lying around all over the furniture and being pushy and demanding might all be things we put up with if it's just us and the dog, but with a baby on the scene all of these behaviors will become seriously problematic. Trying to deal with them then is not only difficult given that we'll be busy with baby, it will also demonstrate to the dog that the baby on the scene was the beginning of when you got upset with him for what he thinks are “normal” behaviors. So deal with all of that now!

    With all that dealt with there are a great many things that we can do to prepare even shy and fearful dogs for the arrival of the baby. Climbing on him and teaching him to be tolerant of all manner of handling, even if it's slightly inappropriate, is very important and relatively easy to do with a nice, gentle attitude and a few treats consistently applied over some time. Teaching him to distinguish between baby toys and child toys is important for obvious reasons. The list goes on. And the point is that by thinking these things through and acting on them long before your baby arrives you can ensure a smooth transition to siblinghood for your beloved pet.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for addressing the subject of training children to be around dogs. I have found many other dog sites and very little about this important subject.
    And it is vitally important that everyone, including people that don’t own dogs, teach their children the proper way to interact with dogs, especially those they don’t know.
    Thank you for the reference to the training videos.
    I am going to read the rest of your post about dogs and children!
    Wonderful site!

  4. I had to take a moment and leave a comment on your post because it was very informative. It is beneficial to read a post from someone that a person can understand. Teaching kids how to be around dogs and puppies is very important. Too many things can happen and usually the dog gets the blame.

    Grace’s last blog post..Choosing A New Puppy For Your Home

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