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Puppy Training is Essential — 6 Comments

  1. I enjoy reading information on training your pet. If you have training classes available for your pet, I think it can be a great experience for them. If you don’t you just need a lot of patience and some time and your pet is sure to learn everything you want it to.

    Anita Coombs’s last blog post..Training your dog

  2. Cely, so glad you found out about Dr. Dunbar through my site. He is absolutely brilliant. There’s a great website run by his wife, that he contributes to also: http://www.dogstardaily.com — highly recommended!

  3. I have a Sirius Puppy Training even before I got the puppy. I also have the ebook “Before you get your puppy” and “After you get your puppy” by Dr.Ian Dunbar long before I got my puppy. I am a fan of Dr. Ian Dunbar. It is fortunate that I signed up at Rosana’s ebook clicker training where I got the weekly email and go to her website. This is where I first found about “Sirius Puppy Training.” The clicker training is good; but in my opinion, the “collar, grab …reward” of Dr. Ian Dunbar is the best. The puppy loves and enjoys it. I believe that it’s a must to go to puppy training class.

  4. Flora and Matt, thanks for your comments. I once met a Petsmart trainer who was wonderful too.

    Readers, this blog uses a piece of software that finds a commenter’s latest blog post if they have a WordPress blog — and it puts the title at the end of their comment, like you can see on Matt’s comment above. I get a lot of one-line comments from other bloggers wanting the link, but I discard all of those. The latest gambit of such folks is to ask a one-line question, so if you have a REAL question, please ask it with some detail!

    (The travails of a blogger… I have another piece of software on the blog, Akismet, which has weeded out 7276 spam comments!)

  5. Just wanted to tell everyone how much fun our border collie puppy is having in puppy class. I looked around for classes in my area and the next one that was starting was at a local PetSmart. I was a little apprehensive about signing up at a chain store for training classes but it turns out our trainer is phenomenal, our four month old puppy (and everyone else in the small 5 dog class) knows how to sit, lie down, come, heel, stay, etc. and all this after only 5 classes! One of the puppies in class is a pit bull that was so aggresive at four months old on the first day of class that he had to wear a muzzle leash. By class 3 he was well behaved, all the aggression was gone and now he’s a big softy. Socialization was key in his behavior.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents….

  6. Good article. Puppy class is the best and if it’s an option you should definitely do it right away. If for some reason you don’t have access to a puppy class, which isn’t very likely, the Sirius DVD would be good. You need to learn how to train before you can do it. And it’s not at all something you would be able to guess how to do without help.

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