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Dog Aggression Handled by Clicker Training — 8 Comments

  1. Porfirio, I looked and I was not able to find any ebooks or books in Spanish on clicker training. Sorry! I thought that I would find some, and there might be some that I didn't find.

    You can translate any webpage from English to Spanish. The translations are not very good sometimes, but it is a start.

    Just go to http://translate.google.com/#
    and follow their directions. You will need to find a page about clicker training in English first.

  2. Voy a ver si este o otros sean en espanol — I will see if I can find anything on clicker training in Spanish!

    It may take me a few days…

  3. me gustaria saber si los libros estan traducidos al español, aqui no es muy conocido el metodo en positivo con clicker

  4. Greg, you can use a clicker that doesn’t make much noise. Go up to the tab on the top of the page and click on the tab that takes you to the free ebook I wrote on the basics of clicker training. Plenty there to get you started!

    Hmm, I’d better make the link to that more prominent on this page layout!


  5. I was wondering about how you go about using a clicker. I have a dog hes 7 months old and hes kinda skiddish when theres loud noises or other dogs i was wondering if someone could give me any tips

  6. I also use clicker training on all my dogs and find it to be very effective. The dogs love the clicker and even in the presence of other dogs their focus is on me and they want to perform so they can hear that click. Always use very highly desired treats.

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