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Dr. Ian Dunbar, dog training expert, calls the dog crate a brilliant training tool in this video which is barely over a minute. I call him brilliant for one simple step.

As he points out, and as most dog trainers have learned from experience, the first step in crate training a puppy is to get the pup to where he enjoys being in the crate. This is usually done by tossing treats or a toy into the crate and letting the little one chew his chew toy or eat the treats. It’s important to have a way to confine a puppy or dog at times.Heck, my main crate training page is one of the most popular on this site.

Here’s the clever thing that I hadn’t thought of:

Dr. Dunbar put some food treats in a Kong, put the kong in the crate, and was that a diabolical laugh from Dr. Dunbar as he closed the crate door with the treat inside and the dog outside? That is the sort of twist on things that I enjoy so much in his training.

What is the dog thinking, Dr. Dunbar asks and then answers his own question. The dog is saying open the door here! So when the crate door is opened, the dog goes right in and is very happy to stay there with the toy. Creating good habits.

“And remember… good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits.” He ends with an impish grin.


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