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Dog Training Tips: When Your Dog is Afraid — 4 Comments

  1. Sarah,The clicker and its sound is only a marker to mark exactly the moment your dog does the correct behavior,and that a reward (treat) is comming. If your dog is afraid of the clicker sound simply use a verbal marker instead.(ie Yes, Good or OK) Pair the verbal marker with the treat and it will work the same way.(much easier also!)I have been training professionaly for eighteen years and have found the clicker is just another gimick, if it works for you-great,if not there are hundreds more ways to get success in training! Good luck and keep at it

  2. I just found your website. I’m getting my dachshund used to a new labrador puppy that moved in next door. My dachshund isn’t aggressive, but he’s, well, a dachshund. He’s only a little over a year himself and I’m a fan of positive techniques and am still learning. But we’re making good progress. We even got a compliment from another neighbor yesterday.

    Matt’s last blog post..Dachshund Spring Fiesta 2008

  3. Sarah, it sounds like you are making progress bit by bit. She’s a lucky girl.

    Try using the clicker at a distance from her, so it will be softer in sound. Also use it muffled a little by your hand, and with your hand behind your back.

    If a regular clicker continues to scare her, you could try a baby food jar lid. That makes way less noise.

    Once she gets it that the clicker means she is doing something GOOD, chances are her fear will go away. If it doesn’t, do try the baby food jar.

    Oh, another soft sound is the click of a retractable ball point pen.

    Best wishes!

  4. Hello, this was a helpful article. I just got a dog 4 months ago that is 4 years old. She was severely abused so she has a lot of fear in her. She is extremely comfortable with me but with other people she gets afraid and nips sometimes. I heard about the clicker and tried it with her so i could start positive reinforcement with her. She is terrified of the clicker. She thinks she is doing something bad so she runs away even if i present a treat.
    It’s frustrating but I will stick with it so she gets use to it.

    Thank you.

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