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When Crate Training Just Isn’t Working — 2 Comments

  1. Susan, you can try it. I’d suggest keeping a pen and paper handy so you can make brief notes about what is working. That said, the potty training part is likely to go faster if she doesn’t drink a whole lot. I agree that she may well learn with from the others. Also, was she checked by a veterinarian to be sure she doesn’t have any physical problem going on?

    Best wishes!

  2. I have a 8 month old rescue given to me from a friend that he coundn’t potty train. Her name is Shelby she handles the crate really well. Treat motivation will get a dog to just about anything! I also make a big deal out of the good deed to make sure they know it was the right thing to do. I’ve never crate trained a dog my other three are potty trained. I hope she can learn from them! the question I have is when I crate Shelby at bedtime and when I let her out in the morning she acts as if she is dying of thirst and runs to the water bowl. Can I put a water cup in with her. She is only in the crate for 5-6 hrs at most when I sleep.

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