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Anyone who has ever trained a dog is familiar with the challenges of getting a dog to the point of having a reliable recall. The goal is that she comes reliably when you call her… no matter what!

It’s not hard to get a dog to the point that she will often come when you call her.. Teaching a dog to come is one of the basics of dog training classes and books. But often does not give you the peace of mind that always does.

Does your dog have a reliable recall…

  • When she is chasing a squirrel?
  • When she sees another dog down the street?
  • When your voice sounds different because you have spotted a danger and you are tense?
  • When her collar has suddenly broken and fallen off?

Very few dogs do. The Really Reliable Recall™ method was developed by dog trainer Leslie Nelson to  create a way that you can train your dog to have recall so consistent that you will be confident you can handle all these situations and any others that could come up.

This method has saved dogs’ lives and has saved dog owners a lot of stress. Dogs who have a really reliable recall can safely be allowed more freedom. Dog owners who have taught this to their dogs will breathe more easily.

It’s such a desirable behavior to teach that you’d think it would be difficult, especially if you have ever struggled to get your “Come!” to be more than moderately effective.

But the Really Reliable Recall method is easy to teach your dog. The thing that is different about it from the usual way that “Come!” is taught is that it is trained as a different behavior from the come. In doing your dog training, you use a special word for this emergency recall, and when you train your dog with this word, the food rewards the dog gets are extremely delicious and abundant.

There is a lot more to the method than this, and you can find out through Leslie Nelson’s DVD, available at Amazon.com:

She’s also written a Really reliable recall: booklet about this dog training method and here is a short selection:

Is it too late?

If you are past the puppy stage and your dog comes when he feels like it and ignores you when something more interesting is happening, is it too late to train a really reliable recall?… It is never too late. Teaching your dog to come when called is just like teaching him to sit or shake hands. The same principles apply. If he is already ignoring you or running away, it will take longer and be more challenging, but it is never too late.

So if your dog would benefit from a really reliable recall (and what dog wouldn’t?) this is one of the most important things you can train. None of my dogs had a 100% reliable recall.  I had my share of emergencies when a dog got loose, despite my being very cautious about where I let my dogs off leash.But I’ve used this method with several dogs now, with great success.


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