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Two Top Dog Training Forums — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t follow the train of thought about being alpha. If he is trying to attack other dogs, find a local trainer to help you.

  2. Hello , I was wondering how to train my dog so I could show him in the Alpha I can’t take his food away he always tries to bite he’s lovely but he has some problems with small dogs he always tries to attack them I could really use your help

  3. Sorry, Karen, I am not up on this. Try the forums I mention in this post… or try google or some other search engine, trying a variety of phrases in detail.

    And good for you for doing this!

  4. I have already trained my dogs for obedience and therapy work. Is there any organization that will evaluate and certify the dogs for therapy work that allows the dogs and/or the handler to work for fees? They passed CGC and TDI, but TDI says the dogs are only TDI dogs when there is no money involved. Please advise. Thanks.

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