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Stopping Dog Barking — 2 Comments

  1. Winona, this can be pretty intractable. You may want to find a local, humane trainer to help you. It needn't cost a lot, as the trainer can give you ideas for you to follow through on. To find a trainer in your area, go to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers search box at https://apdt.com/trainer-search/

  2. I have taken on my friends Shitzu as a favor, she barks constantly, we hava a fenced backyard that is mostly privacy fence. She sits inside our gazebo that is attached to our house and barks. The owner has stated that the only thing that has ever kept her from barking is a shock collar, which I generally feel is inhumane to use! We have to find a solution soon or she will have to find another home for the dog; my husband and out next door neighbor both sleep during the day!

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