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Managing and Training Your Aggressive Dog — 2 Comments

  1. I have a 9-year-old lab that is very calm now. When she was a puppy we had a hard time with her aggressive behavior. When she was around us, she would act just fine and be normal. Every once in awhile should would do something toward me that was aggresive but for the most part she was fine. The second we had her around different people, she would go crazy. We had her trained not to jump on us, but should would try to jump all over new people. It got to the point when someone would come over to our house, we would have to put her away. To get over this, I would try my hardest to get her tired. We would go on walks everyday and if she saw something new, she would be too tired to get all crazy. After a year or so everything got better for us. She is now calm and doesnt jump on anything or anyone.

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