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Dog Play Dates Are Fun and Great for Socialization — 5 Comments

  1. Sandra Harknett, Dog Trainer.  (DuBois, PA) Yes I agree that play dates are hugely important.  I have a free puppy (and well behaved dogs) play time every Thursday evening at my training facility.  The dogs love it and makes a big difference in their future encounters with other dogs.  The puppies learn bite inhibition (a soft, harmless bite).

  2. Thanks for the important reminder. Structured socialization where dogs are set up for success is so important!

  3. Thanks for your training tips, Pam!

    It was fun to watch how subtle Latte was in her interactions with both dogs at first. Once she figured out that they were fine, everyone got more playful!

  4. Thanks Lola and LarryDog for being such great hosts, Latte had a wonderful time as well!  I’ve had many dogs for many years so I know the importance of socialization.  Latte is my first single dog for 15 years and I was a bit concerned about boredom; but she’s fortunate to have so many friends.  I have a dog training/pet sitting business here in Crestone so she can utilize her social gift with other dogs (cats, not too much); many of which don’t have much exposure to other dogs.  She’s a great introduction for my charges as she reads dogs well and is VERY good at engaging them.  She’s become quite an asset to my business.

    I highly recommend getting your dogs out and about in different situations OFTEN.  When they develop confidence in new situations, their fear instinct diminishes which is the main cause of dog aggression.  Many places welcome dogs–on a recent trip to Taos, Latte dined with our group at five different outdoor cafes.  She was greeted with a bowl of water at all and one place actually had a separate menu for dogs!

    Enjoy your canine family and spend time with them as much as you can.  Let them know they can trust you to keep them out of bad situations and make sure you earn that trust.  It is up to you to help determine who are friends and who should be avoided.  It will be rewarding for all.

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